2000 Cards.
Over $500,000 in value.
Backed by NFTs.

The Viridian Genesis Drop

We've created what we believe to be the most revolutionary way to collect physical, investment-grade collectibles. So, to demonstrate this, we bring you our Genesis NFT Drop. It will consist of 2000 genesis packs, each containing 1 NFT backed by a real, physical graded Pokémon or sports card - each born in our world, ascended into the metaverse... forever to be recorded on the blockchain.


To reveal or not reveal...
the choice is yours!

If you do choose to open your pack, each card NFT can be traded on the Viridian Exchange at launch, or on any other known NFT marketplace (OpenSea, Rarible, etc).

Also, at any point in time, if you want the physical card in your possession, you can redeem the NFT for its physical counterpart -- at which point the NFT will be burned and the card will be shipped to you.

Be warned though! The utility of the physically-backed NFTs in our ecosystem will continue to grow as we foster more partnerships, curate further drops, and launch a wider product line.

This may include airdrops, future whitelists, and IRL / Metaverse events. So you may not want to get rid of your physically-backed NFTs too soon ;)

Mint Date: End of June, 2022
Mint Price: ~$300-350
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